Dreaming of Dollies to come … hmmmm

So, I recently got some really great fashions in the mail.  THREE from Frau E and they are awesome! And I also got a FR outfit I have always wanted — Purple Factor Adele’s complete ensemble. 

And I must say these outfits are right on time, especially since I am still dressing all of my gals.  Having these new outfits really has thrown my dressing into a new direction.  At first, or rather, the goal was to go BLACK.  My favorite color.  Or at least have black be the main color in every outfit.  But as I am winding down to the last 15 or so dollies it is getting a little challenging, as I am finding that I am liking more outfits with color combos.

So, no sneak peeks today.  Because I am still dressing, but I thought I would share some pics of some beauties that I have coming. 

***ALL photos are property of Integrity Toys, Inc.***

This is the only Elise I ordered … I KNOW I will probably regret not getting the blond Flawless Elise.  But, Oh well! Maybe later on I will catch a good deal on the secondary market.

Of all the FUTURE shipping dates, this lovely should be arriving first.  I have to control myself everyday, from stalking my doorstep.  I can not wait to see her. 

And the ONE I have been waiting for! Ms. Dominique Makeda … She takes my breath away.

But I am a LOVER of the original Dominique.  So much that I have two and they are TWINS.

My Lovely Dominique Twins — Laura & Lacy.  Laura is wearing Barbie Basics 1.5 & Lacy is wearing FAKESKIN.  Well, I did end up posting some pics of my dollies.  Go figure – huh? That is one of the beauties of writing, you never know where it will take you. 

Up tomorrow — pics of my new fashions and more sneaks of my dollies!

A Doll Story continues …


I am not usually one that is into sappy love songs or poetry… but I do love flowers!

Either way, wanted to share some pics of some more of my dollies on the this love-fest of a day.  I personally am a little over Valentine’s Day.  It had much more meaning when I was dating.  It was “that guy’s” moment to prove something to me.  But after 10 years of marriage — who cares! Though, a nice gift to commemorate the day is always welcome!

So, in honor of V-Day I took a few pics of my Most Desired Eugenia with her beau Style Strategy Lukas … Take a look!

Style Strategy Lukas & Most Desired Eugenia are both wearing LouoS! Hope these pics bring you joy on Valentine’s Day!

And the Show continues …

And I am still dressing all of my gals.  It is an overwhelming task, but totally a great overwhelming.  If  that  is a feasible concept.  I think I am concentrating on that one outfit that will make each doll stand out on her own in my group photo.  I am not looking for some ultra-fab, cutting-edge outfit, but rather something just simply fitting for the particular doll. 

Until I am done with the whole group of players, I will continue to preview photos of some of my girls. 

First up is Silver Zinger Agnes …

This doll is really special to me, not because of her value in the doll community, but because she was one of my first FR dolls ever! She is practically perfect, in mine eye! So perfect, in fact, that I have not had the courage to re-style her hair.  And the hair is the thing to me! One of the first things I do when I get a new dollie is strip her down and then wash and restyle her hair.  After her hair is they way I want, then I put her original outfit back on and spend the next few days gawking at her.

Next is Platinum Jordan.

This doll is fab! I love the color palette that is her facial screening.  Every shade of make-up goes beautiful with her lovely dark brown skin.  I really love her eyes and her lipstick. And the LouoS outfit she is wearing was made for her!

And Finally …. Regal Estate Agnes.

Another one of my beautiful Aggies! I love her long dark hair.  As I am a lover of dark-haired girls.  The majority of my dolls are either raven or dark-haired! I really love her simple colorful make-up that is wonderful play of light and dark pinks.  I love pink! The quintessential color of femininity.  Ahhhh Aggie you have done it again.

Until tomorrow … I will POST this now, so that I will complete this task, to avoid not keeping my word to my wonderful reader/readers!

I have a SPECIAL TREAT for tomorrow … the Big V-Day Valentines day! :-)

Still Dressing … :-)

I had a splendid weekend and was able to have a nice cup of coffee and start my Sunday sitting amongst the dolls!  It was glorious — as the sun cast it rays all around my doll room, I felt as if I was sitting in splendor!  It is something to be able to awake in the morning and do exactly what you feel like doing … all those who are mothers know what I mean {wink, wink ;-)} … though I did miss the pitter- patter of little feet.  It is still nice to sometimes to have stillness and quiet.

And so my week now continues, on with school and diaper changing and finding those few free moments that I can spend with my dollies.  But until I am done with the dressing of my dollies, here is another picture of one of my sweet gals! 

This dollie is special, because she is my FIRST Poppy Parker doll — Reluctant Debutant.  The moment I saw a picture of her, I knew that she must be mine.  I found her, when I first decided I would trade in my full-time relationship with Barbie for Fashion Royalty.  I was on the Integrity Toys website, looking at all of the brand dolls and discovered her — Poppy Parker.  To me, she is like a new-modern-day-revamped Steffie! My favorite Barbie facemold.  I love Poppy’s sweet face and her pouty lips – such classic beauty.  And she has one of my most favorite dollie combos — dark-raven hair and piercing blue eyes.  I love that combo! 

 Here she sits, so lovely, wearing Lady in Waiting Dania’s outfit and Out of The Blue Kyori’s shoes.  I changed this pic to black-and-white, because black-and-white pictures ares so classic.  And I thought it would capture her classic, simple beauty.  Say, “Hello!” to my Reluctant Debutant Poppy Parker.

And one more picture — for the hell of it!

… Almost Done!

So, I am hoping to be DONE redressing by this weekend! I missed my much-anticipated January Debut … but life happens!

And though it is a FUN task — redressing is lots of work! :-) You can’t just stop at the basic coordination of the outfit — but what about shoes, accessories and my favorite –THE HAIR!! :-)  With well over 20 Fashion Royalty, Poppy Parker, and NuFace dolls, I have been on quite a mission.  But I can not wait to show you the results.  This will be the very first time in which I have taken the time to redress ALL of my dolls at once, since I started collecting dolls over five years ago.  I used to just take little groups of dollies or maybe just that one dollie that I was into for the day or week. 

I can’t wait to finish, because I know that once I getting rolling with A Doll Story,  it will be such a source of stress relief, comfort, and something that belongs solely to me — not the hubby or the kids!

So for now … here is a sneak peek at some of my girls that will be featured in A Doll Story …

***Most Desired Eugenia complete re-root done by the LOVELY ladies of www.famaka.com***

The Players

A Doll Story

Welcome to My Story.  I would say it began — oh maybe — five years ago.  And now I am ready to share it with the world – Hello!

When I say it began – as a writer, I mean the actual story was planted, morphed, beamed-down, into my brain. Or however, you want to envision the genesis of an idea for a story.  The authorial process. 

I will begin my story by introducing The Players; the characters in which my story is based upon.  I want to build up your anticipation, by introducing each character and give you a little background information about each Player before A Doll Story officially begins.

We will be going on a journey together, as I too am building my doll collection, creating dioramas for A Doll Story and writing the story to share with you – my treasured readers, and most likely, fellow doll collectors/dollie friends!

I will admit that the plot of A Doll Story is intentionally and unintentionally soap-opera like … as I love the drama and the wonderment that these shows provide me – a stay-at-home mom! I have actually been watching these shows since I was a little girl, some of the earliest memories I have of spending time with my grandmother; who I affectionately call, “Nanny.”

And at times I believe that A Doll Story may stray away and reflect upon some things that I may personally feel; and I just may wake up one day and feel like talking about the great anticipation/anxiety I feel about waiting for a new dollie to arrive! But I promise you to ALWAYS come back to the Beginning … to ALWAYS keep A Doll Story as the center and purpose for this forum.

So, please enjoy and grow with me and A Doll Story.


My Dollies Getting Ready For Their Debut ...

 Please, don’t gasp! I know my dollies are on the floor! But I have to spread them out to have more of a visual! It’s essential when picking out outfits — a skill in which I am slowly building up my confidence:-)

A Doll Story ….

It Begins ….

January 2011


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